See what Hugh Jackman looked like on his wedding day 20 years ago

Twenty years of conjugal bliss. Hugh Jackman acclaimed his wedding ceremony to wife Deborra-Lee Furness with an amazing bequest photo on Monday, April 11. Sharing a account from their 1996 nuptials, the amateur captioned the best post, “20 years ago on this day . . .”

Hugh and his helpmate are all smiles in the amazing wedding photos, which actualization the Wolverine amateur cutting Harry Potter-esque glasses.

The brace met on set of his “first job,” the Australian TV actualization Correlli and were affianced afterwards four months. Back in 2013, the cine brilliant told Town & Country, “I decided, I will not ask her to ally me for six months — Then afterwards four months I thought, ‘That’s the a lot of antic rule!'”

Hugh and Deborra, 60, assuredly accept one of the longest abiding marriages in Hollywood. Recently discussing his “most important” activity byword with the Australian morning actualization Sunrise, Hugh said, “Happy wife, blessed life.”

During an actualization on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 47-year-old accepted that his accord with Deborra, “gets bigger and better” with time. He added, “She’s the best affair that anytime happened to me.”

Hugh continued, “I’m affectionate of absolutely beholden that I met [her] afore annihilation affectionate of happened because aggregate that’s happened in my career and onscreen, offscreen, we’ve consistently done it together.”

The appropriately affiliated brace are parents to adopted accouchement Ava Eliot, 10,and Oscar Maximilian Jackman, 15.

Will I Be a Beautiful Bride?

On August 13, 2016, I get to marry the love of my life. Every fiber of my soul cannot wait to be this man’s wife. It took 13 years of dating, but I found him!

I always imagined that meeting the right man would, to some degree, heal my body image issues. If someone else found me beautiful, certainly, I would finally be able to see the beauty in myself. Right??

For me, it was always the physical aspect I struggled with. I was raised to be very clear about my worth. I always believed that I was smart and kind and worthy of love, that I had a lot to offer someone. But I feared that if I wasn’t thin enough, if I didn’t meet the typical standards of “beauty”, then that love may not happen for me.

Before you scoff in disapproval, you should know how difficult it is to write that about oneself. Admitting that one worries deeply about his or her appearance indicates a level of shallowness that I would not characterize myself with. The fact is, though, this was my truth. I had a deep-seeded fear that my body wouldn’t be acceptable enough to attract a man.

I was wrong, as we usually are when we are blinded by our own insecurities. I met my perfect man, who tells me often how beautiful I am. And I guess I believed that would be enough. Falling in love does seem to have that effect on humans. It feels so good that it can, at least temporarily, mask a lot of the pain that might still be at play in your life. The truth is, however, that the love of someone else cannot heal something that is broken within you.

So, here we are. I am so fortunate to be planning a beautiful wedding to celebrate spending the rest of my life with this wonderful man, yet I find myself experiencing many of those all-too-familiar self-loathing thoughts about my body. Sure, every bride do their best with Urban Decay makeup that they want to look and feel her best on her wedding day, so it’s no surprise that anxiety about my body would be heightened right now. But over the last couple of months I catch myself falling into old habits; feeling uncomfortable in my skin and removing his hand from my belly, berating myself with negative thoughts that I spent so many years a prisoner to.

As a health coach who fundamentally does not believe in dieting, it’s a provocative place to find myself in. I very much believe that traditional dieting methods are not a positive option for me and I know how deeply important self-kindness is when it comes to how I take care of my body. In other words, when I am cruel to myself, I don’t treat my body well. Those are the days I skip my workout or binge on foods that don’t feel good in my body. When I am gentle and kind to myself, that is when I take the best care of my body and when my body responds well in turn.

I don’t just know these things intellectually and preach them to my clients. I have experienced them and I trust in them deeply. But there is this bizarre element of weddings — this desire to put on a flawless performance, when we really should be focused on celebrating a partnership that is guaranteed NOT to work if treated like a performance — that can make us lose our way. I’m lucky to have a partner and a family that reminds me of this fact – the fact that the best part of all of this excitement is what happens when it’s over: I get to be married to this person for the rest of my life!

Does this mean I won’t stress about my upcoming dress fitting? No. Does it mean I won’t have days where I revert to my old ways of trying to punish myself into the body I think I “should” have?  I wish I could say otherwise, but I have committed to being real in this space. And that would not be real.

The difference for me now is that I have the tools to keep these feelings at bay. I can allow myself to experience these feelings, as crappy as they feel, without allowing them to debilitate me. I can be open and share these feelings with others who support me, rather than keeping them hidden where they do the most damage. I can trust in the belief that I am loved as I am today. And I will be loved as I am tomorrow. And if I feed my body, mind, and soul with that belief, I’ll also rock that dress, which will be icing on the proverbial wedding cake.

Ditch The Traditional Veil With These 9 Alternative Headpieces

As the top website for engaged couples and wedding professionals who aspire to create the most dreamy and creative weddings (nothing traditional or cookie-cutter here), Green Wedding Shoes serves up plenty of daily eye candy to provide inspiration for each step of the wedding-planning process. View real weddings to see what the most fashionable brides have dreamed up, browse inspirational galleries to plan the most intricate of details, scroll DIY tips to add a personal touch to the day, or use the handy shopping guides to rock their featured looks.

Wedding Veil Headpiece‎
Wedding Veil Headpiece‎

While there are a million reasons why the affordable wedding gowns can make or break a bride’s wedding-day look, it’s really not a secret that picking the right accessories can seriously up her style factor. There’s a time and a place for a veil or traditional headpiece, but if you’re aiming for a more fashion-forward wedding, our list of nine modern, alternative bridal headpieces will point you in the right direction – and prove that chic-yet-unique hair adornment options really do exist.

Beautiful Lace Wedding Veils For The Modern Bride

The wedding dress may be the first important thing people notice as you’re coming down the aisle, but no bridals look is complete without a few thoughtful wedding accessories. It’s those seemingly small touches – like your “something old” or “something blue” – that can turn a gown into a moment.

Lace Wedding Veil
Lace Wedding Veil

A delicate lace wedding veil is a prime example. Of course, cathedral-length headpieces aren’t for everyone, especially not for brides-to-be with a flair for the fashion-forward. So, we chose wedding veils with distinctly modern vibes for you to shop. No floor-sweeping, blushing-bride material here.

Lace Wedding Veil Headband
Lace Wedding Veil Headband

A simple lace wedding veil headband is just what the modern bride needs, and would look lovely with beaded wedding gowns.

Stunning Wedding Accessories You Can Wear After The Big Day

After months of arduous planning, your wedding is actually coming together. But, while we can only imagine how scintillating seating charts and RSVP wording must be, we’ll bet you’re ready for a little sartorial break right about now. Time to accessorize!diamond wedding pendant

Whether it’s a mirrored belt for the chic-but-simple sheath or an understated diamond wedding pendant for blinged-out dresses, the right add-ons are key to taking your bridal style from beautiful to stunningly, uniquely yours. And, because we’re all about versatility, we’ve taken the liberty of pulling wedding-worthy accessories you can actually wear again.